Salt in Wailupe, 1869.

[Found under: “NU HOU KULOKO.”]

Salt emerged in Wailupe.—We were told of the news that salt emerged in abundance in Wailupe. That new thing was not seen before there, that being the emergence of this fine thing. Continue reading

Salt production, 1869.

[Found under: “LOCAL NEWS: Oahu.”]

Salt Storehouse.—We’ve seen makai of Kakaako in Honolulu nei, a huge wooden Structure is being constructed by the King [Kamehameha V], and the great riches that will be stored in that building is salt. This is the salt that now stands near the banks of the salt ponds. The past few days it has been drizzling a bit, and it would be best if it [the salt] was stored in a safe location.

(Kuokoa, 9/18/1869, p. 3)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke VIII, Helu 38, Aoao 3. Sepatemaba 18, 1869.