The Hon. Daniela Kahaulelio’s reminiscences of Lahaina, 1898.

The History

— OF —

Lahaina Town

Composed by the
Hon. D. Kahaulelio,
The Judge of the Shade of the Breadruit Trees of Lele.


This is a story pertaining to the one of this issue:

King Kamehameha III was sailing aboard an American warship for the Kanilehua rains of HIlo, and along with him was G. P. Kauka [G. P. Judd], the father of the Chief Justice A. F. Kauka [A. F. Judd], was with him; he was a favorite and a translator for the alii aboard the ship. The Captain wanted his officers to explain clearly the length in time and the direction, and while the officers were making preparations, S. P. Kalama Waiawaawa asked the King:

What are they doing?

The King asked Judd, and he was told that they were reckoning the latitude and the longitude for the ship to sail to Hilo.

At which point S. P. Kalama fetched his navigation book to figure out the question. After looking for and getting the answer to the question, at that time, the Captain asked for the answer of his officers, and the one who spoke first said:

If the ship continues to sail in the same direction, then in 60 days we will reach California.

The King asked Kalama:

What of you, O Lahainaluna [graduate], about this direction?

Kalama responded before the King:

If the ship keeps this course, and if the wind continues to blow in the same way, then in three more days, we will reach Hilo.

Then G. P. Judd translated to the Captain of the American warship, and he turned and asked Judd:

Where has this man been educated?

Judd answered: At Lahainaluna College.

The Captain said: His answer is correct. It indeed will be three more days and we will enter Hilo, with these wind conditions and on this course.

At that point, the Captain at once removed his gold watch he was wearing, and gifted it to S. P. Kalama Waiawaawa; Lahainaluna was made proud, and Lahaina and the Hawaiian people were elevated by this knowledge.

During the Legislative session of 1870, I saw for myself that gold watch that was gifted to S. P. Kalama.

[This is just one of the stories Daniela Kahaulelio tells in a series on the history of Lahainaluna which runs in the Lei Rose o Hawaii.]

(Lei Rose o Hawaii, 9/1/1891, p. 3)


Ka Lei Rose o Hawaii, Buke I, Helu 13, Aoao 3. Sepatemaba 1, 1891.

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