On Kamehameha Schools Founder’s Day, 1941.

[Found under: “News From Kamehameha Schools For Girls And Boys”]

KAMEHAMEHA SCHOOLS, Honolulu, (Special)—Fifty-three years ago the first Founders day was held at Kamehameha Schools, instituting a tradition which has been carried on annually.

An address was given by the Honorable Charles Reed Bishop at the first Founders day on December 19, 1888. A luau was given for the guests and boys. Field sports were included in the Founders day program at a later date. Sports were advanced still later to the Saturday preceeding the celebration.

Several boys were selected in 1893 to decorate Mrs. Bernice Pauahi Bishop’s grave at the Mausoleum. Mr. Theodore Richards and other  faculty were present.

In 1894 the boys marched from King street to the Mausoleum to pay tribute to their founder Mrs. Bishop.

Company A and the band marched to be joined by the delegation from the Kamehameha School for Girls to strew flowers on Mrs. Bishop’s grave in 1895.

On December 19, 1900, the three principals, from the preparatory, manual, and girls’ schools, joined in a special Founder’s day program, arranged in the same manner as the present day. Special ceremonies were held December 19, on the school campus. The date of decorating Mrs. Bishop’s grave which was previously held in December was changed to May.

Miss Helena B. Rowae, vocal instructor at the Kamehameha School for Boys, recommended that meles and songs commemorating Mrs. Bishop be collected and published in a Founders day booklet.

Uldrick Thompson, for many years a faculty member at Kamehameha, wrote the Founder’s day pledge which is recited by the Mausoleum for Founder’s day as it now stands is as follows.

1. Song by all the students—”He Inoa No Pauahi”
2. Recitation—”Founder’s day Pledge”
3. Song by all the students—”Pauahi o Kalani”
4. Recitation—Proverbs 31:10–31
5. Song by all the Students—”Pauahi Ke Alii”
6. Decoration of Mrs. Bishop’s Grave by the class of presidents.
7. Song by all the students—”Only Remembered”
8. Girls’ School Call—”Aloha Pauahi, Pauahi Alii”
Miss Laura E. Brown and Mr. Frank P. Kernohan are instructing the students in learning their songs.

(Hoku o Hawaii, 6/4/1941, p. 4)


Ka Hoku o Hawaii, Volume XXXVI, Number 6, Aoao 4. Iune 4, 1941.


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