Who is this wahine? (conclusion), 1909.

…Kamehameha asked: “Which Kawaihae are you going to?”

“To Kawaihae Kai, near the capital where the alii lives,” answered the woman.

“So what is that bundle you hold in your hand?” Kamehameha questioned.

The woman responded, “A bundle of Lipalu seaweed.”

With that Kamehameha said: “Say woman, I am one of the alii’s men, and my occupation is one of the messengers for the alii. And being that I have clearly heard your fine words, I am hopeful that should the alii hear me about the words of appreciation of yours for him, then you will be given some land for yourself.

“I ask therefore for you to please let me hold on to your bundle of limu, so that there will be a kamaaina there by whom you will be able to find me; so when you get there, ask at the houses adjoining the alii’s residence, ‘Where is the messenger of the alii who came with the ball of limu?’ And when we meet, that is when I will tell you the words of the alii.” The woman agreed to the alii’s request.

After Kamehameha was done talking, he gave his aloha and then began to run swiftly and in no time he disappeared from the woman. And as for the woman, she was thankful that she did not die; were she also to have had some criticism of the alii, then the messenger of the worthless alii would have heard.

When Kamehameha reached Kawaihae, he ordered that pigs be baked and that all the foods be prepared before he woke up; he also commanded that they go around all the houses in Kawaihae to see if a woman arrived that had a ball of limu brought earlier by the messenger. In the evening of that day, the woman was located and she was brought before Kamehameha.

“Well if it isn’t you.”

“Yes, O alii,” the woman said.

“Do you know your companion who you were talking with last night?” Kamehameha asked.

“No, but he told me that he was the messenger of the alii.”

Kamehameha laughed and said, “Hear me, woman whose very fine words I heard praising me, here is poi, fish, and a ball of limu, so let us all eat and then we will go outside.

The woman ate with the alii and the royal family, and when they were through eating, everyone went outside, then Kamehameha told the woman: “This day I give to you all of the fish that is landed here at Kawaihae under your name; it is yours whenever you desire. And I order you to turn and look towards the mountains.” The woman turned and looked, and Kamehameha said: “The point at which your eyes can no longer see is the boarder of your section of land that I give to you today.

Therefore, it was from that day the woman served as konohiki of the land.

(Hoku o Hawaii, 7/1/1909, p. 4)


Ka Hoku o Hawaii, Buke IV, Helu 9, Aoao 4. Iulai 1, 1909.


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