Words of advice from Kamehameha I, 1891.


O Friends, Companions, those who go hand in hand with the Leo, who walk together on the sands of Kakuhihewa moistened by the Kukalahale rains, living from Maunalua to Moanalua. Greetings to you all.

Remember the title above, “I nui ke aho.” This is one of the touching statements said by our Land Conqueror [Na’i Aina], when one of his warriors was pierced by a barbed spear; when he saw this predicament, he grabbed and pulled the spear, and that is when the warrior cried out in pain. But that conqueror of aina responded quickly while shedding tears, “My son, be patient.”

It is true, that warrior was patient until the spear was removed, and he was treated with aloha until he was at ease; and the name of that warrior was Kahinu, and at the battle of Nuuanu is where these words were spoken, and it was so very emotional.

And that is what he told the chiefs and warriors, “Hear me, I am your alii, and so it is a good thing to free from distress someone who is exerting himself for his homeland rather than setting off for lands far away [aole kuu aku o na waa i ka lepo].”

Therefore, O True Hawaiian friends, remember these words of our Nation Conqueror [Na’i Aupuni], and we must take and care for them and teach them to our descendants from here forth.

(Leo o ka Lahui, 7/2/1891, p. 2)



Ka Leo o ka Lahui, Buke II, Helu 228, Aoao 2. Iulai 2, 1891.

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