Hula painting by Cogswell found in California, 1939.

Cogswell’s Model: J. T. Phillips, general manager of the Pacific Guano & Fertilizer Co., is anxious to know if the Hawaiian girl who posed for this painting by William Cogswell in 1892 is still living in Hawaii.—Star-Bulletin photo.

Rare Old Painting Found By Phillips in California

Another one of the works of William Cogswell, whose paintings of King Kalakaua and Queen Liliuokalani are hung in Iolani palace, was discovered by J. T. Phillips, general manager of the Pacific Guano & Fertilizer Co., during his recent business trip to the coast. Continue reading

Queen Liliuokalani purchases Cogswell portraits, 1892.

[Found under: “NU HOU KULOKO.”]

Queen Liliuokalani purchased the portraits painted recently by Mr. Cogswell, for the price of under four thousand dollars. Continue reading

Where are these ten hula paintings? 1893.


A Series of Pictures of Native Hawaiians on Exhibition.

W. Cogswell, a well-known portrait-painter on the Pacific Coast, has on exhibition at the artrooms of Sanborn, Vall & Co. a series of ten pictures of native Hawaiians in their historical dance. Mr. Cogswell has been in Honolulu for the past two years Continue reading

Art by Hawaiians at Sana Lui, 1888.


We went to tour the school of Saint Louis these past days and drawing which is outside of the regular work from their books is what we were most impressed with at their skill, talent, and true excellence in that activity. These are the majority of the paintings which we  acquired. Continue reading