Vital Statistics, 4/23/1920.


Joseph H. Christ to Emily K. Macomber, Aperil 10.
Poo Hong to Ah Fun Kong, Apr. 12.
Fernandes Andrews to Sarah Kaai, Apr. 16.
Dan Kaleo to Elizabeth Puho, Apr. 16. Continue reading

Vital Statistics, 4/16/1920.


Robert F. Ward to Kalei Apoi, Apr. 3.
Frank R. Quintal to Cornelia K. Jellings, Apr. 3.
Edward L. Henderson to Jennie P. Bortfeld, Apr. 3.
John H. Roberts to Annie Ainoa, Apr. 6.
Dan P. Nawaaliilii to Sarah Keliihuluole, Apr. 6.
John Akana Awana to Rachel Crawford, Apr. 8.
Edward K. Mattson to Mary Pinehaka Kamana, Apr. 10.
Joseph H. Christ to Emily K. Macomber, Apr. 10. Continue reading

Just a little more on William S. Kioula marriage, 1920.

Centenarian Takes Bride of 60 Years

Hawaiian Born Before First Missionaries Came To Islands Married Wednesday Night

William S. Kioula, who will be a century old tomorrow, and Mrs. Lokalia Wahinenui, 61, were married on Wednesday evening, at Kawaiahao church by the pastor, Rev. Akaiko Akana, in the presence of many friends of the couple. The official witnesses to the ceremony were David Naeole and Charles A. Reeves, the latter being related by marriage to Mrs. Kioula.

Kioula, who looks not over 60, says he was born in Kona, Hawaii, a month before the landing of the first Christian Missionaries in the islands, which occurred in Kioula’s district of the Big Island. Honolulu’s oldest bridegroom was among the first native children to be christened by the missionaries. Continue reading

Vital Statistics, 4/2/1920.


Feliciano Morales to Elizabeth Akana, Mar. 13.
W. L. Kulder to Hannah de la Cruz, Mar. 20.
Henry Hookano to Anna Keliihoomalu, Mar. 22.
Sampson Kamakalulehua to Helen Hookano, Mar. 22.
James Papoko to Rose Perez, Mar. 22.
L. M. Villaneva to Julia C. Fat, Mar. 24.
George Kissel to Josephine L. Chong, Mar. 27.
Ah Leong Ching to Juanita Wood, Mar. 28.
John M. Kaua to Emma Kamahalauae, Mar. 28. Continue reading

Vital Statistics, 3/26/1920.


G. Militante to Emma L. Kahai, Mar. 16.
David Kalani to Hattie Kuihelani, Mar. 16.
Simeon K. Nawaa to Lucy Kupihea, Mar. 17.
W. S. Kioula to Lokalia Wahinenui, Mar. 17.
King Chong to Louisa Kahuhu, Mar. 17.
Jubilee Lukela to Helen Ayau, Mar. 18.
Benjamin McCabe to Mary Lum Sum, Mar. 18.
Feliciano Marales to Elizabeth Akana, Mar. 18. Continue reading

Death of Colonel Sam Parker, 1920.


Death is Victorious Over Him, Following a Long Sickness


Escorted by his Grandchild David Kalakaua Kawananakoa and His Family

After suffering from a stroke some years ago, Colonel Samuel Parker grew weary of this life, on the night of last Friday, at his home outside of Waikiki, and his body was returned aboard the Mauna Kea of this past Wednesday to be laid to rest in his family cemetery at Mana, Waimea, Hawaii.

When he passed on, he was 66 years old, 10 months and 12 days. Continue reading

A petition to keep Kalani Peters as bandmaster of the Royal Hawaiian Band, 1917.

Desire of Some to Retain Peter Kalani

At the meeting of the Board of Supervisors [Papa Lunakiai] on Tuesday night, a letter signed by voters of the 4th and 5th Districts was read, pertaining to retaining once again Peter Kalani as the bandmaster of the Hawaiian Band, instead of Baker [Robert Hoapili Baker], who was appointed as bandmaster to take his place. Continue reading