Check out this version of “Maluakiiwai ke Aloha,” 1895.

[Found under: “HE LONO ANO NUI.”]

Maluakiiwai ke aloha,
Hoopulu i ka liko Mamane,
Ke uleuleu nei na manu,
Inuwai lehua o Panaewa,
E walea ana i ke onaona
I ke one wali o Ohele,
Hele mai nei ko’u aloha,
A lalawe i ko’u nui kino,
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Death of Joseph Kaaua Kaaa, 1918.


Mr. Solomon Hanohano, Aloha between the two of us strangers:—May it please your honor to welcome my bundle of hinano lei in a open space of your office and it will be you who carries it to the four corners of this globe, so that the family, friends, and the many people of my dear hinano lei, my husband, will know that he has passed on and that he left me and our beloved lei grieving for him in this world.

On Thursday, July 11, 1918, at 4 p. m., my dear Joseph K. Kaaa grew weary of this life and and silently moved on alone to the other side of the dark river of death, leaving me behind, burdened with our beloved lei. Auwe, how pained is my heart! No more is my dear Joseph Kaaua Kaaa, my companion for all places.

O Kukalahale Rain, you will no longer see his eyes, no more will will hear his voice, and he will not tread upon your streets.

Auwe, my sadness and grief for my dear husban who has gone afar; no more will I see his features; no more will I hear his voice; no more, no more for all times!

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Band of Kalaupapa, 1893.



Gift to the Band of Kalaupapa.

Honolulu, May 15, 1893.

Mr. Ambrose Hutchison,
Kalaupapa, Molokai.

Aloha oe:

The Hawaiian Gazette Company (Kuokoa Printing Company) has taken a collection and has made $207 from donations made by the few friends of the leprosy patients for the benefit of the Leprosy Band as per the list of names also sent. This sum of money is intended for purchasing uniforms if desired, along with caps, and to refurbish the instruments or to purchase new ones as necessary.

This sum of money is given to the President of the Board of Health, Hon. W. O. Smith, to hold for the purpose it was donated.

And we those who donated the money join together with us in joy in being able to help by supplying the things that will bring happiness to the leprosy patients on Molokai, by donating to the band some things that give them great enjoyment while they live a life of suffering.

However, we think that the band should give two performances every week when and where your local authorities [luna kuloko] decide, so that everyone can rejoice in the music. That is the desire of many of the donors.

Your true friend;

H. M. Whitney,
Manager of the Hawaiian Gazette Co.

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Mrs. Kala composes a mele for her Lahui, 1893.


He wehi keia no ka Lahui
No Hawaii Nui Kualinolino
O ka opuu liko o ke Kalaunu
Kiko-waena o ka Pakipika
E ala Hawaii Nui o Keawe
Ku mai o Maui Moku o Kama
Ea mai Molokai Nui a Hina
Kahela Lanai i ke a-ea
Eia Oahu Kakuhihewa
Ke haaheo nei me ka hanohano
Hanohano Kauai i ka’u ike
Pili mai o Lehua i ka mole olu
Ua olu ka nohona a o Hawaii
Nawe malie nei i ka puuwai Continue reading