One hundred and fifty years ago, Au Okoa announces Kamakau’s history to continue in its columns, 1869.

Hawaiian History:—Seen on the first page of our paper this morning is the Hawaiian History written by our writer of history, S. M. Kamakau; Continue reading


Mele hua inoa for the new year! 1869.

An acrostic poem from a hundred and fifty years ago!


Olioli Makahiki Hou.

O—li—O—li makahiki h—O—u:
L—a e—L—u ai na manawa—L—ea,
I—ho—I—ke no ko kakou hil—I—nai,
O—k—O—kakou la makahiki hO—u,
L—ae—L—oaa ole ai kona—L—ike
I—na—I—waena o ka makah—I—ki;
M—ai—Mua mai a hiki i ka—M—uli,
A—ole—A—u mea e hoohalike—A—i,
K—e —K—eu hookahi i ka ma—K—ahiki,
A— k—A—mua no hoi i ka makA—hiki,
H—ea—H—a ke kumu o ka—H—auoli
I—ke—I—a la i hoomanao nu—I—ia?
K—a—K—aou anei ia e a—K—e nei?
I—h—I—aai nui ai hoi e—I—ke?
H—ea—H—a! 365 na la me 6—H—ora
O—k—O—ka honua ho—Opuni ana,
U—a p—U—ni ka La: Lamak—U o ke ao.

[Happy New Year
Happy new year:
Day to give donations,
To prove our beliefs,
Of our new year,
A day like no other,
In the year;
From beginning to end,
I have nothing to compare it to
It is the greatest in the year,
And the first in the year,
For what is the joy
On this day that is…

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Commentary on annexation from a hundred and fifty years ago. 1869.

A few Independent Thoughts on Annexation.

To the Editor—Sir:—As the laws of debate require, and your liberal principles allow each side to be heard, I submit the following lines to the public.

In all speculative propositions, it is necessary to examine their basis, that a predisposing bias may not violate truth. Continue reading

150 years ago, people were reading about the arrival of Catholicism, in S. M. Kamakau’s great history, 1869.


By S. M. Kamakau.


Pertaining to the Reign of Kauikeaouli over the Nation, he being called Kamehameha III.

Pertaining to the arrival of Catholicism, in the year 1827 [1837].

In the month of September, in the year 1836. A Catholic priest [kahuna katolika Roma] arrived, the Rev. Aresaniao R. Walsh [Rev. Arsenius Robert Walsh], from Britain. He were not expelled, but was forbidden by the Chiefs, that he should not proselytize amongst the Hawaiians. But he went and argued with some Protestant priests [Kahuna Hoole Pope]. He indeed converted Hawaiians and secretly Baptized some people. Continue reading

Ka Lahui Hawaii newspaper begins, 1875.


This is a paper printed weekly for the Families and the Churches of Hawaii; it is something to assist with the proper living of families, with peace amongst people, and with the well being of the body and spirit of the Hawaiian People. “Envieth not, vaunteth not thyself, do not be easily provoked, thinketh no evil.” Continue reading