Joseph M. Poepoe finds a koi pohaku, 1905.


In the care of the Editor of this paper [Joseph Mokuohai Poepoe] is a stone adze. It is almost two inches long, one inch wide, and its thickness is perhaps 1 to 2 inches. Continue reading


Wahinekeouli Pa from Kauai composes a mele for her huakai to the land of Keawe, 1921.


Malihini ka ike ana ia Hawaii,
Aina i na kuahiwi ekolu,
Owau no me kuu leimomi,
Aloia mai ai na kai loa,
Aohe ou loa a e Hawaii,
I ka ihu haulani o Mauna Kea,
Na mi nei i hehiku iho,
O ia oneki nui akea,
Ike au i ka nani o Hilo Hanakahi,
Ke kaona i lohia e ke onaona,
Onaona ka lehua no Panaewa,
Ia lei makahehi a ka malihini, Continue reading

Kamehameha IV travels to the west, 1856.


It was heard that the King went from  here and on the next day landed at Waimea, Kauai, and that night sailed for Niihau, and landed at Nonopapa on Saturday [la hoomalolo]. They were there on the Sabbath, and they congregated and worshiped Jehovah on that day. On the next day, they rode horses and went fishing; there are a 100 or more horses on Niihau; they caught a lot of fish. Continue reading

Fishing using explosives, 1895.

The Blasting of Fish Prevails.

Mr. Editor:

On the travels of the Circuit Court Judge of Maui, to Kaupo, Kipahulu, Hana, and all the way to the Koolau cliffs of Maui, to ask for money for the building of Wailuku, and we were lucky in what money was collected. I was one who went along on this journey. When we reached Kipahulu, to Hakuole’s place, a policeman, with his son, Kimo Hakuole who is a school teacher; the locals were very hospitable. Continue reading

From the eruption 99 years ago, 1919.


According to the news in the Hilo Tribune newspaper from Tom C. White [Toma C. White] of Kainaliu, he reported on what he and some others witnessed of the activity of the lava these days. The lava is spouting with force from the Mauna Loa side, and it is about 7,150 feet from sea level, and the lava is spewing from six places from the side of the mountain, but these craters are joining together into a large caldera, and from this caldera, the lava flowing out into four branches. Continue reading