Queen Kapiolani on Kauai, 1877.


O Lahui Hawaii; Aloha oe:—

While I was in the village of my dear home, enjoying the breaking of the Kahoaloha wave, gazing at the green leaves of the Hinahina of Makana, and the good ways of my dear loving blossom Esther Kanani [Esetera Kanani] who believes in introducing friends to live while doing the good works of God.

I was met with the news that the Queen was here in Haena touring around. And on the 23rd of July, Monday, she would arrive at the seashore of Haena, and stay at the house of John Kaui, the well to do son of the land of the tips of the sand-scattering wind [makani kuehu one]. And under his care she was contented. On that day the Queen went to tour the green valley of Limahuli from which is the Huliwaiamau wind. But I did not hear of what became of that touring. And in the evening of that day, the cliff climbing boys of Makana made ready to throw firebrands, and it went well; and the power of the wind blew them this way and that and the firebrand could not go straight. And after those amusements were over, they fell into the pleasures of the locals there, activities that bring delight to the minds of men.

I was one who went to see the festivities of the woman for whom the night was; when I saw the deeds of this sweet-eyed lady, I recalled these lines of poetry:

“The waves of Launiupoko toss this way and that.”

She slept that night and the next day bathed in the sightseeing waters of Waiakanaloa, and when she returned from bathing, she came into our small houses with glad heart and aloha for our people; we were filled with the greatest of sadness and hesitation at her entering our inappropriate houses, and then she turned back for Kealia while accompanied by the judge of the pouring rains [of Hanalei], H. I. Wana, Z. Seta and the Governor [John E. Bush].

D. P. Puniawa,
Haena, Kauai, July 31, 1877.

(Lahui Hawaii, 8/23/1877, p. 3)


Ka Lahui Hawaii, Buke III, Helu 34, Aoao 3. Augate 23, 1877.


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