Kauai people call the Kuokoa a rag, 1893.


Kahikina Kelekona—Here I am in the district of Hanalei now, and I am travelling around the storied places [wahi pana] of this famous lands.

The newspapers greatly subscribed to are the Hawaii Holomua and the Oiaio. There are very few who subscribe to the Kuokoa here. You hear the kanaka saying those words that we are accustomed to, that the Kuokoa is a rag; kanaka are not pleased with it. I saw and heard first hand the them saying so.

On the other side of Kauai, that being Kekaha, Waimea, Makaweli, Hanapepe, Eleele, until Koloa, they are very opposed to annexation; it is not as what is being spread by the Kuokoa that the people are united for annexation. The sugar planters, they all are opposed to annexation, except Baldwin [Balauwina] and the haole people of Niihau [Francis Gay and Aubrey Robinson], they are trying all sorts of ways to make the kanaka come to their side, but they are steadfast.

The kanaka of this land are very kind, they welcome you graciously and hospitably. I met up with the Pioneer Kalaukoa at Koloa, and he was good and gracious.

I have been touring this side of Kauai until Haena, bathed in Waiakanaloa and Waiakapalae, saw the hala of Naue, Ke-e, the hill of Kahalahala, Kalualauoha, the ohia of Kupakoili, and so forth.

Today I am sailing to Kalalau by skiff; just seeing that land is something.

Until we meet again in Honolulu this coming week, unless something comes up.

Hanalei, Kauai, May 12, 1893.

[The weekly Kuokoa and the daily Kuokoa Puka La were pro-annexation.]

(Hawaii Holomua, 5/20/1893, p. 1)


Hawaii Holomua, Buke III, Helu 21, Aoao 1. Mei 20, 1893.


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