Theresa Wilcox Belliveau to serve sentence, 1919.


Mrs. Theresa Wilcox Belliveau, often called “Princess” Theresa, began serving yesterday her three-year sentence of imprisonment. She and James M. Kealoha were convicted by a jury in Judge Heen’s division of the circuit court of conspiracy in connection with a forged instrument purporting to have been a last will of the late Queen Liliuokalani.

Kealoha, whose exceptions were disallowed by the supreme court, began serving his term of imprisonment, also three years, some time ago. Mittimus for Mrs.  Belliveau was issued out of the circuit court last Saturday, after the supreme court had also set aside her exceptions to the lower court trial as without merit. So that the aged woman could arrange her home affairs, she was allowed until yesterday to begin the punishment for her crime.

Rev. S. M. Kamakaia, the third person indicted for the conspiracy in the same connection, turned states’ evidence and the charge against him was dropped. He claimed that he had a vision in which the Almighty had come to him with an injunction that he tell the truth.  Vision or no vision, it worked, and Kamakaia remains a free man.

(PCA, 5/15/1919, p.  8)


Pacific Commercial Advertiser, Volume LIX, Number 11594, Page 8. May 15, 1919.


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