Honolulu seen through the eyes of a malihini, 1856.


I came from the countryside, and stayed a for a bit in Honolulu. I witnessed some things that are not right:

  1. Pigs should not travel in droves on the streets of town.
  2. People should not raise so many dogs. You hardly can walk on the streets without being bitten. It is almost impossible to sleep at night because of the chattering dogs. The town is close to facing a famine because much of the food goes to the dogs.
  3. This is another thing I witnessed that was not right, the leaving of dead animals on the streets. It is better to bury them. [If not] maybe and epidemic will develop.
  4. And another thing, springs should not be left open where people walk.
  5. Kawaiahao Church and the cemetery should not be left so it becomes a place where pigs live. Where are you O Friends of those buried there? It would seem that you would get together and rebuild the wall that has fallen and is left gaping.

(Hae Hawaii, 9/3/1856, p. 107)

Ka Hae Hawaii, Buke 1, Helu 27, Aoao 107. Sepetemaba 3, 1856.

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