Death of Kiliwehi Hoapili, 1873.


Passed on to death is one of the women of royal blood, Mrs. Kiliwehi Hoapili. She is one of the women who came from true alii blood of the royal kupuna of Hawaii nei. Continue reading

Mrs. Adelaide Kawaimakalani Wiltse Pua dies, 1919.


This past Monday, the doors of the County offices were closed as well as the courts, in commemoration of the death of Mrs. Adelaide Kawaimakalani Wiltse Pua, and the national flags were at half staff. Her funeral was held at the Catholic church at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, and from there to the cemetery of Homelani. The casket bearers were Mr. Nailima, Henry Martin, Reinhart, Notley and Raymond Lucas. The entire police force lead the procession. Continue reading

S. M. Kamakau on history, 1868.

Letter from Mr. Kamakau.

To all Literary Gentlemen and Friends in Hawaii and elsewhere:

A certain person, styling himself in the Gazette, “A Hawaiian,” and whom I judge to be the same who signs himself in the Au Okoa “R. Kapihe,” and who, moreover, I doubt not,is one aspiring to a very high rank in the Kingdom, seems very jealous of my statements in the Hawaiian History which I am now writing. The line of descent of some of the present high chiefs, and their relationship to Kamehameha I, as I have stated it, appears to find especial disfavor in his eyes, perhaps and very probably, for the reason that another name very near at home to the above-mentioned writer is not included among those whom I have written down as descendants and near of kin to Kamehameha I. Continue reading