Haleakala Hale, residence of Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop, 1866.

Pertaining to Haleakala Hale—The roof of the house Haleakala at Aigupita, the town home of one of our young chiefs, B. Pauahi Bishop, is being redone. The wooden shingles have been pried off and slate shingles are being laid. This house was built by the late A. Paki, with the thought that a second story would be built like the Palace, but this was not fulfilled until this era.

(Au Okoa, 10/1/1866, p. 2)

Ke Au Okoa, Buke II, Helu 24, Aoao 2. Okatoba 1, 1866.

Visit to Haleakala, 1876.


O Lahui Hawaii; Aloha oe:—

Perhaps there are not that many people who have travelled to the top of that famous mountain Haleakala in East Maui. It was the perfect time, because when I awoke this morning at maybe three o’clock and my eyes were set upon that mountain, I was filled with great admiration. I woke up my kamaaina and we got the horses ready, and at my urging, we left Makawao; and soon I’m writing this letter from the high rocks of this mountain at 9 o’clock in the morning. We are looking at the schooner greatly beloved by the friends of this land, that being the Moi, whose prow was rooting through the lapping sea of Kahului, and the famous pond in the cold, that being Kanaha. The mist is moving down to Iao and blanketing Kapela and her beautiful flowers, and the pili of Kakae disappeared, just leaving the hills in view, and it was as if waters were rushing the dam of Iao. The shady valleys at the edge of Nawaieha are imposing, seeming to duel with the rows of waves of Kahului.


Haleakala 2003. Mau no ka nani hemolele!

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More on Liliu’s marriage, 1862.

I was engaged to Mr. Dominis for about two years and it was our intention to be married on the second day of September, 1862. But by reason of the fact that the court was in affliction and mourning, our wedding was delayed at the request of the king, Kamehameha IV., to the sixteenth of that month; Rev. Dr. Damon, father of Mr. S. M. Damon, at present the leading banker of the Islands, being the officiating clergyman. It was celebrated at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Bishop, in the house which had been erected by my father, Paki, and which, known as the Arlington Hotel [Haleakala], is still one of the most beautiful and central of the mansions in Honolulu. To it came all the high chiefs then living there, also the foreign residents; in fact, all the best society of the city.

[This is what Queen Liliuokalani had to say about her marriage in Hawaii’s Story by Hawaii’s Queen, first published in 1898. Mahalo to Heather Wilkinson Rojo for her response on the previous post, saying she posted an image of their marriage certificate on her blog. This is one of the many priceless treasures cared for by the Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum!]

(Hawaii’s Story by Hawaii’s Queen, 1988. p. 22.)

Keolaokalani Paki Bishop, 1863.

There was a Baptism at the Residence of the Honorable C. R. Bishop, “Haleakala;” baptized was the child of the honorable R. Keelikolani and J. Y. Davis, and he was called, “Keolaokalani Paki Bihopa.”

The Honorable C. R. Bishop and Pauahi (the wife of Bishop) were those who bestowed the name, and Rev. C. Corwin is the one who performed the baptism.

(Hoku o ka Pakipika, 2/12/1863, p. 2)

"He Babetizo ma ka Hale..."

Ka Hoku o ka Pakipika, Buke 2, Helu 18, Aoao 2. Feberuari 12, 1863.

Honorable Lydia Kamakaeha Paki weds Adjutant General Major J. O. Dominis, 1862.

MARRIED—At the hour of 8 in the evening of Tuesday, the 16th of this month, the Honorable Lydia Kamakaeha Paki married Adjutant General Major J. O. Dominis, at Haleakala, the Residence of the Honorable C. R. Bishop and his Chiefess. The two were married in the Anglican faith.

Present were the King; Her Highness Princess V. K. Kaahumanu; His Highness Prince L. Kamehameha; the Honorable M. Kekuanaoa, the Chiefly Governor of Oahu; Colonel Peter Young Kekuaokalani; there also were the parents of the woman, and the mother of the man, and his cousins.

Rev. Samuel C. Damon was who married them. There was much appreciation for how fine and honorable it was. With the two of them is the aloha of this paper.

[It seems Queen Emma was not present at this wedding. Ka Haku o Hawaii had only passed away a few weeks earlier…]

(Kuokoa, 9/20/1862, p. 3)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke I, Helu 43, Aoao 3. Sepatemaba 20, 1862.