Yew Char at City Photo, 1916.

You Can Blink and Breathe

while you are posing for your PHOTOGRAPH at our Studio. It prevents staring and helps to make your picture more natural. Continue reading


City Photo and On Char, 1934.

Generous Offer

On Char of the City Photo makes a generous offer to his many friends and customers. A photo of the baby is something that is very dear to every parent, and can never be replaced. Continue reading

The original haole newspaper article, 1868.

[Found under: “LOCAL NEWS”]

The Volcano.—By the following letter from Sheriff Coney, of Hilo, written on the 18th instant, we have a brief account of the volcanic movements on Hawaii. The volcano is slumbering, but restless enough to show that another eruption of lava may occur before quiet is restored to the mountain. Mr. Richardson is an acurate observer, and we can rely upon his statements:

“Mr. Richardson, of Kapapala, in the Kau district, arrived here on Saturday night. He reports Kau still shaking, Continue reading

R. W. Wood appointed acting commissioner of the US, 1849.

Honolulu, Sandwich Islands, May 4, 1849.

ALL PERSONS having any official business with this office, are hereby notified that ROBERT W. WOOD, M. D., has been duly appointed by me to perform the duties of Acting Commissioner of the United States, Continue reading