Will Rogers and Hawaiian independence, 1932.


(Special Star-Bulletin Wireless)

SANTA MONICA, Cal., May 2.—Well, about all you can see in the papers is Honolulu. The whole thing just proves that the islands haven’t got any use for the navy and the mainland.

Of course, I guess I am all wet, but I never have seen any reason why the U. S. or any nation should hold under subjection of any kind any islands or country outside of our own.

We say we have it to protect the Pacific. Why don’t we have the Azores to protect the Atlantic? We are going to get into a war some day either over Honolulu or the Philippines.

Let’s all come home and let every nation ride its own surfboard, play its own eukaleles (Rogers’ spelling) and commit their devilment on their own race. Yours for remaining on the home grounds.


(Star-Bulletin, 5/2/1932, p. 1)

Honolulu Star-Bulletin, Volume XXXIX, Number 12552, Page 1. May 2, 1932.

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