Death of Dwight Holcomb, 1877.

Death of “Oakum.”—The half crazy vagrant who has for years been well-known in and about Honolulu by the name of Oakum, died at the Insane Asylum on Monday morning last, where he has been for some months, suffering from aneurism. His real name was Dwight Holcomb, he was about 50 years of age, and further than that he arrived here from San Francisco in the year 1857, and that he travelled in a wagon train to California, nothing is know of his previous history, or of his place of birth. He spent most of his time on the mountains and amongst the woods of Oahu, was an adept at bee-hunting, occasionally peddling a few bottles of honey whenever in want of a trifle of money with which to buy a meal of victuals, tobacco or matches, or meat for his dogs. One of our island poets puts these descriptive words in Oakum’s mouth:

“I wear a flowing mane and I travel with a cane;
One of Nature’s noble idlers as you see;
I’m a waif on the streets while i live upon the sweets
That busy bees lay up in store for me.

(PCA, 5/19/1877, p. 3)

The Pacific Commercial Advertiser, Volume XXI, Number 47, Page 3. May 19, 1877.

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