Kamehameha V address at the opening of the legislature, in English, 1868.

Nobles and Representatives—

A great calamity has befallen the Island of Hawaii. My duty to my subjects has called me away from my Capital, and I have delegated a Royal Commission, presided over by my well-beloved father, to open the regular session of the legislature. Continue reading


Kamehameha V address at the opening of the legislature, in Hawaiian, 1868.

E na ‘Lii a me ka Poeikohoia—

Ua loohia mai ka pilikia nui maka mokupuni o Hawaii. Ke kono mai nei ka hana o ka’u oihana, e hele aku au iwaena o ko’u mau Makaainana, oiai, iloko o keia mau la pilikia o lakou; ae haalele iho i ke Kulanakauhale Alii o ka Aupuni. Ua haawi aku au i kekahi Komisina Alii, e hoomalu ia’na e ko’u Makuakane aloha nui ia, ma ke ano Peresidena, a na ia Komisina e wehe ae i ka haalawai ana, o ke Kau Ahaolelo o keia makahiki. Continue reading

Kamehameha V to open the legislature, 1868.

[Found under: “Na Mea Hou o Ke Alo Alii”]

King Kapuaiwa.—At half past 10 in the night of this past Wednesday, the King landed at Ainahou aboard his royal schooner Kamaile. When he landed, his regular horse carriage was awaiting him, and when he got on it, he travelled straight for his Palace at Iolani. Continue reading

Paele was said to have jumped off Iliilikaa Cliff in Kalaupapa, 1892.


We received letters from the colony of Kalawao, island of Molokai, telling of some news from there.


On the 6th of this month, the Superintendent [Luna Nui] of the Colony of Kalawao received news that a man named Paele jumped off the cliff on the previous 5th. This man went to cut firewood on the Iliilikaa Cliff at Kalaupapa on the 5th of this month. And the people of the house were puzzled that he did not return that night. The following day, his dead body was found at the base of the Iliilikaa Cliff by Kaluna and Kawahauila, Continue reading

Kalanianaole Day proposed by John W. Kalua, 1923.

Another Holiday For Hawaii
Would Observe Kalanianaole Day
Maui Man Introduces A Bill

HAWAII will have another legal holiday if a bill, H. B. 20, introduced yesterday in the house of representatives by Judge John W. Kalua of Maui, becomes law. The proposed holiday is to be March 26, which is to be known as Kalanianaole day. March 26 is the birthday anniversary of the late Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole, who was Hawaii’s delegate to congress 20 years ago. Continue reading

Hon. Charles H. Pulaa and the Hawaiian Language and more, 1903.


Ke Aloha Aina, Aloha oe:—

May it please your honor and your Captain to kindly welcome this malihini, that being this [article]:

1—It was your patience and skill and electrified Law expertise, you acted with patience and hard work, refusing the law suppressing the Hawaiian language to die for all times, saving it from being extinguished. And for that fearless efforts of yours, we therefore give and extend our great appreciation to you. Continue reading

Logic? 1903.

English is the official language of the Territory and the Hawaiians wrong themselves and their children by seeking to revert to the official use of the Hawaiian language. We can but honor Hawaiians for the love they cherish for their old queen, their old flag and their old language, because if their hearts are true to those things, they will only the more surely be true and loyal to our present form of government. Continue reading