On rice birds in Punaluu, 1873.

[Found under: “Na Hiohiona o Koolauloa.”]

Pertaining to Punaluu.—This is rice farming lands for Chulan & Co. There is much rice in this land; there is much rice as well amongst the Hawaiians in Waiono, Makana, Puheemiki, Kapano, and Papaakoko; these are the lands where much rice is grown; the Chinese plant a lot, and the Hawaiians* plant a lot as well. The Hawaiians are well off, and they have many wooden houses, but the way they live is like the lifestyle of the country in the east of Asia and Africa. There is one rice mill belonging to Chulan & Co. There are three famous Hawaiians in these lands, Keopohaku and Koa from Punaluu, they are the largest farmers of rice these past years, and looking at their homes, they are beautiful. Kaaimanu of Puheemiki is currently increasing rice farming, but is having a change of mind in favor of taro, and perhaps this is the reason: Because of the very big number of rice birds  [manu ai laiki], they being the birds imported by Dr. Hillebrand [Kauka Helipalani] as per the decision of the Legislature some years ago. What in the world was the benefits of bringing these birds to Hawaii nei? Maybe its worth is that it gorges on rice, and their [the people’s] constant activity is shooing the birds away by shooting guns, and going back and forth of the men and women “soldiers,” and making loud noises day and night; when they see the birds they make a racket until cleared out; they are sick and tired of seeing the birds; only at night they rest from their usual activity; the farmers are harmed by this bird.

*The article says “pake,” but looking at the lines before it, it probably was supposed to say “kanaka.”

(Ko Hawaii Ponoi, 11/12/1873, p. 3)


Ko Hawaii Ponoi, Buke I, Helu 22, Aoao 3. Novemaba 12, 1873.


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