Record-setting sugarcane, 1903.

Tallest Sugarcane in the World.

Located in the Sugarcane Plantation of Ewa, Island of Oahu, there was found a tall cane understood to be the single tallest sugarcane from all around the world. This was cane was found in the cane field. Continue reading


Sugar production, 1878.

[Found under: “NANU HOU HAWAII.”]

Prominent news in Kau.—Joseph U. Kawainui [Editor], Much aloha to you.—The sugar planting boys here in Kau are joyous because of the big rain. From the 29th of April until today, the rain continues. The planting of the cane cuttings [pulapula ko] is going on intensely. Continue reading

Hawaiian language taught to Chinese and other news from Kaneohe side, 1869.

[Found under: “NU HOU KULOKO: Oahu.”]

Pertaining to Kaneohe and neighboring lands.—Because we heard that we can announce. The interior of the church of Kaneohe has been refurbished through the patience and tirelessness of the new kahu of the church, in stepping in and working.

—A Chinese school has been started there through the leadership of Iosia Meemanu. Three nights of the week of school are set aside, one school hour per night. On this past 5th of April is when it began, and it continues until today. They are being taught starting with the first words of Hawaiian language. They have been seen going to pray and to Sunday School. Continue reading