More rice birds and rice paddies on Kauai, 1865.

[Found under: “He Palapala na Kauka Kulika mai.”]

Pertaining to the Rice in Waimea.

Rice is planted much here in this place. The rice just newly planted here in some paddies is growing and it is green when looking at it. Continue reading

On rice birds in Punaluu, 1873.

[Found under: “Na Hiohiona o Koolauloa.”]

Pertaining to Punaluu.—This is rice farming lands for Chulan & Co. There is much rice in this land; there is much rice as well amongst the Hawaiians in Waiono, Makana, Puheemiki, Kapano, and Papaakoko; Continue reading

We all know what happened to that old lady who swallowed a fly, 1896.


Because of the great many calamities faced by the sugar industry in Hawaii, therefore some people think best thing is for us to import another animal larger than the Mongoose to kill off the Mongoose.

That is a great misconception, but this would cause yet even more calamities. Continue reading