Electric lights unveiled here in Hawaii nei, 1886.


This past Wednesday night, Honolulu’s crowd came out parading in droves, approximately 7,000 strong, to check out the first time the six electric lights which we made known the other day were lit, under the organization and expense of Mr. C. O. Berger, and those who assisted him to install this type of new electricity to this land, but which is regularly known to some other places in the world.

Everything went as planned, and the people saw first hand that the brightness of the lights that are currently lighting the crossroads cannot be compared to electric lights demonstrated on this Wednesday night. Mr. Berger is greatly praised for this new enterprise brought to this land.

Here before the legislature at this time, there are two bills asking that the franchise for lighting this land with electric lights be given to one of the two of them. [?? …he elua mau bila kanawai e pue ana e lilo na pomaikai hoomalamalama kukui uila ma keia aina i kekahi o laua.] Mr. J. T. Baker introduced a bill that his led by Mr. Berger, while Mr. J. L. Kaulukou introduced a bill led by D. P. Smith.

We believe, and it appears so too do all the thinking people in this crowd, that we should encourage new works to be done by our own kamaaina of this land before giving winks to the malihini from outside. Because of the desire for or own people to have this benefit, at Mr. Berger’s first arrival upon the field of victory, was joined a large crowd to see his lighting of the electric lights; we hope that the legislature will give its blessing to Mr. C. O. Berger and the people of his company, and as a result, the lahui will shout together in approval.

[133 years later… Where/How do you get your electricity today? How much electricity do you use in your daily life? How are you living responsibly if you want Hawaii to be more sustainable today and in the future? Are you living responsibly?]

(Ko Hawaii Pae Aina, 7/24/1886, p. 2)


Ko Hawaii Pae Aina, Buke IX, Helu 30, Aoao 2. Iuali 24, 1886.


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