Akaiko Akana offers prayer before the Congress of the United States, 1921.


In a letter from Princess Elizabeth Kalanianaole from Washington received by Mrs. Julia Desha reported that the Rev. Akaiko Akana was requested by the Speaker of the House of Representatives in Washington to give the opening prayer on a morning when the proceedings of the House of Representatives were opened, and that solemn voice of prayer given by the Hawaiian Pastor was listened carefully to by the distinguished Members of that Body. This was a great honor given to the Kahu of the Kawaiahao Church, and it was the very first time the first words of prayer given by a Hawaiian Pastor was heard in that world-renown Legislative Building. His voice was not just heard on that floor of that House of Representatives, but when the Rehabilitation Bill was heard before the Committee of the Senate, and when two famous attorneys of Hawaii nei were voicing their objections to the Bill, and the Royal Delegate Kuhio along with the man of God were on the other side; it was like the Alii Haalilio and the Man of God, that being Richards when they were going to acquire Independence for Hawaii nei; and this was like the Royal Delegate Kuhio and that Hawaiian Pastor who voices were heard on the supporting side of that Bill before those Committees, and what was seen, and that was expressed in that letter from Princess Kalanianaole, was that the side of the Royal Delegate and his Friend, the Rev. Akana, gained the trust of the Committee, and the clear explanation of the Man of God was something that was listened to enthusiastically by that honored Committee of the Senate, and the Enemies of the Bill to regenerate the hope of the Aina and Lahui of Hawaii could not topple the true words of the side of the Royal Delegate in what he supported, in fighting for the good of this Bill to Rehabilitate the Hawaiian Lahui, and the Committee of the Senate agreed to pass the Act to Rehabilitate the native Lahui of the land. The money donated by those who wanted to help with the expenses to send that Kahu of the Kawaiahao Church was truly worth it, and it was loving aid that was “not to be regretted,” and given with true feelings of assistance for the well being and the progress of our beloved Lahui. “God helps those who help themselves.”

(Hoku o Hawaii, 1/6/1921, p. 2)

Ka Hoku o Hawaii, Buke XIV, Helu 32, Aoao 2. Ianuari 6, 1921.

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