Influenza outbreak, 1920.

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In the last report pertaining to the status of the flu in Maui, the number of sick has now reached 450, Continue reading

Mistaken identity, 1919.

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To clear up the confusion and misunderstandings of some people, pertaining to David Palakiko Keawehaku, the one whose case was heard in police court [aha hoomalu] for practicing medicine without a license, Continue reading

Death of Mrs. Kalama Kaulahea, 1894.

Mrs. Kalama Kaulahea has Passed On.

She was born from Kaoao (m) and Kukona (f), at Iao, Wailuku, Maui, on March 17, 1853. In the month of February, 1855, she was taken as hanai by Kaholokula (m) and Keaka, her grandparents, at Hulaia, Hamakuapoko. In the year 1862, Continue reading

Death of Dr. Matthew Puahakoililanimanuia Makalua, 1929.




A popular and highly esteemed member of the medical profession, Dr. M. Makalua, M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., died on Tuesday at 30, Warrior-square. He was noted for his philanthropy, and both he and his wife, who died 14 months ago, were intensely interested in all work for the poor. Continue reading

Queen’s Hospital, 1860.

The Hospital.

It was said in the report of Dr. Hillebrand that was printed in the Polynesian, the number of sick treated in the hospital from the 1st of August, 1859 until now, is 1,354! 835men, 519 women. Of these people, 107 are inpatients; 76  men and 31 women. There were 12 who died, and over 4,000 doses of medicines were administered. The hospital is currently at full capacity. Continue reading

Death of Dr. Beratz / Dr. Beraz, 1872.

Melancholy Death of Dr. Beraz.—By the arrival yesterday of the Nettie Merrill from Lahaina, intelligence was received of the finding on Tuesday morning last, of the dead body of Dr. H. Beraz, a much esteemed German physician residing on East Maui, under circumstances that indicate that he was either drowned in crossing the gulch of Kapia, orthat he had met with foul play.  A letter from an intelligent native, Mr. Aholo, relates the following circumstances: Continue reading