Spread of the flu on Kauai, 1919.


From the news of the past 27th of this month, it reported of the great spread of the Spanish sickness [Spanish flu] at the Sugar Plantation of Makaweli on Kauai, and the number of those who contracted this sickness reached five hundred people, rising sharply every day. And twelve died of this sickness and pneumonia. Continue reading

Traditional place names and the Daughters of Hawaii, 1918.


This past Wednesday the Daughters of Hawaii [Ahahui o na Kaikamahine] held a meeting at the home of Queen Emma in the uplands of Nuuanu, known by all by the name Hanaiakamalama, the old home of Kamehameha IV and his queen; and at that meeting it was decided that the calling of many places in Honolulu nei by their Hawaiian names will be preserved forever.

To carry out this endeavor, the organization decided to continue calling the name “Leahi,” and not Diamond Head, as it is being called now, and so too with other names that have been changed; they will be returned to their old names that Hawaiians are familiar with.

At that meeting several things were read pertaining to the life of Queen Liliuokalani  by Mrs. Lahilahi Web, a speech by A. F. Knudsen, and Representative Kuhio, along with the singing of some old mele, just as if they were recreating memories of familiar deeds from the time of Queen Emma in that home.

For the treasury of the Red Cross, Mr. A. F. Knudsen will give a speech specifically pertaining to Hawaii nei of the olden days, at Memorial Hall of the Hawaiian Evangelical Association [Papa Hawaii], at eight o’clock on the evening of this Saturday, May 4, under the direction of the Daughters of Hawaii nei.

The entrance will be half price to go and listen to the speech and for all activities that will be put on, and being that it is a benefit for the Red Cross, and that it is beneficial to listen to this history pertaining to the Hawaiian lahui, all the people should go to hear his speech so that the new generations can get some education.

Mr. Knudsen was born on Kauai and went around amongst the Hawaiian children, and met the old people, and listened to the old stories of Hawaii nei; and because of this, the stories he tells that night will be something totally new for Hawaiians of today, the people who know hardly any of the stories of their lahui and their land.

(Kuokoa, 5/3/1918, p. 4)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke LVI, Helu 18, Aoao 4. Mei 3, 1918.

Donations to the Red Cross by the patients and residents of the leprosy colony, 1918.


There arrived from the leprosy colony of Molokai, a total of two-hundred and forty-eight dollars, in the form of a donation for the Red Cross [Ke’a Ulaula], given by the patients and some others of the colony, from twenty-five cents to twelve dollars.

In the list of the donors to the Red Cross is Dr. Goodhue and his family, along with J. D. McVeigh and his family, and also those who reside there while working in the leprosy colony.

This sum of money to assist the Red Cross was sent along with a document explaining the reasons that this assistance was given by the patients, so that someone reading it would not be left without knowing that the assistance is given by them sincerely for the benefit of the American soldiers fighting the war for the good and the victory of the land. Here below is the agreed upon resolutions for the assistance of the Red Cross.

“Whereas, the United States of America is now at war, and soldiers are being injured on the battlefield, they should receive care and proper medicine; and

“Whereas, there have been established a number of collections for the Red Cross set up all around the United States, and every Territory, and the other areas under the protection of the United States; and

“Whereas, we are a part of the United States of America, and the majority of us here are patriotic citizens;

“Therefore, we will not fall back from showing our patriotic spirit, and with true patriotism, we give what we can for the donation to the Red Cross.

“And, let it once again be remembered that there are a great number of us being helped here stricken by disease who receive assistance from those outside of the Leprosy Colony; let us show that there are those of us here who can give and that we are happy for this fine opportunity to assist those injured fighting for our land, in this great war of the world.”

Here below is the list of names and the donations that each gave to assist the Red Cross:

J. D. McVeigh ….. $10.00
Emma McVeigh ….. 2.50
J. D. McVeigh, Jr. ….. 2.50
Marie Cushingham ….. 2.50
Chulu Cushingham ….. 2.50
W. J. Goodhue ….. 10.00
Mrs. W. J. Goodhue ….. 5.00
Miss V. M. C. Goodhue ….. 5.00
W. W. Goodhue ….. 2.50
J. D. Goodhue ….. 2.50
F. J. Cook ….. 1.00
Mrs. Marithew ….. 1.00
Joe Keliikuli ….. .25
Mrs. Keliikuli ….. .25
Kawaiku ….. .25
Mon Soy ….. 1.00
John V. De Coito ….. 1.00
Mrs. John V. De Coito ….. 1.00
Oliver Kawaiwai ….. .50
Cecelia Akim ….. 5.00
Lilian Keamalu ….. 5.00
Friend and wife ….. 3.00
Mr. and Mrs. Van Lil ….. 5.00
Charles Manua ….. 5.00
Mrs. Paele ….. 5.00
Joseph Dutton ….. 10.00
L. Aloisa ….. .50
John Martin ….. 1.00
Kaulahao ….. 1.00
Peter Kanakaole ….. .50
S. Kunukau ….. .50
Ben Pea ….. 1.00
William Kamahalo ….. .25
Joe Barrett ….. .50
H. Hatori ….. .50
Frank Kaihenui ….. 1.00
William E. Purdy ….. 1.00
B. Palikapu ….. 1.00
Al. J. Kauhaihao ….. 1.00
A. S. Kahoohalahala ….. .75
Mrs. A. S. Kahoohalahala ….. .75
D. Kapae ….. .50
Kaua Keonenui ….. .50
Edward Dowsett ….. 2.00
Bishop Home ….. 12.50
Franciscan Sisters ….. 5.00
H. K. Kamaka ….. 2.00
S. C. K. Keaweamahi ….. 2.00
Baby Rachel ….. 2.50
H. A. Nailima ….. 2.00
Kalei Hoolapa ….. 1.00
Kailiao ….. .50
James m. Keanu ….. 1.00
John Makahi ….. 5.00
Kalaupapa Red Cross Auxiliary Aid Society ….. 5.00
Joseph Texeira ….. .50
Agnes Holstein ….. 1.00
Jack Kamealoha ….. 5.50
Moses Pauli ….. 5.00
Peter Nuhi ….. 1.00
Mr. & Mrs. D. K. Kamahana ….. 10.00
W. J. Feary ….. 2.50
Amoe Ah Choy ….. 2.50
Mamae ….. 1.00
John Forbes ….. 5.00
Joseph Aiona ….. 2.50
Mrs. Joseph Aiona ….. 2.50
Mr. & Mrs. Haleamau ….. 5.00
Mr. & Mrs. Eddie Hart ….. 5.00
John Dias ….. .50
Eddie Davis ….. .50
Yen Sui ….. .50
K. A. Long ….. .50
George Nakookoo ….. .50
Aloysius Kamaka ….. .50
L. W. Kuhlman ….. 5.00
Moses Holi ….. 1.00
Aika Liwai ….. .50
Mary Mokuahi ….. 5.00
D. Paalua ….. .50
Mr. & Mrs. Joe Naukana ….. 1.00
Mr. & Mrs. William Kiaha ….. 1.00
Mr. & Mrs. A. Hore ….. 1.00
F. W. Wicke ….. 1.00
W. Kaleiheana ….. 2.50
Helen Freeman ….. 2.50
Mr. & Mrs. Palea Pohina ….. 2.00
Friend ….. 1.00
Friend ….. 1.00
Hattie Kalua ….. 1.00
Friend ….. 1.00
Friend ….. 1.00
Father Maxime ….. 6.00
J. T. Unea ….. 1.00
John Aiona ….. 1.00
C. Nascimento ….. 10.00
Mrs. J. H. B. ….. 3.00
A. S. Paniani ….. 5.00
Total ….. $248.00

[The patients of the leprosy colony might have often been forsaken by those on the outside, but it seems throughout history that those forced to live there did not forsake those on the outside.]

(Kuokoa, 2/1/1918, p. 2)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke LVI, Helu 5, Aoao 2. Feberuari 1, 1918.

Queen Liliuokalani and the Red Cross, 1917.




12 September, 1917

My dear Mr. Secretary:

Thank you for your letter of September sixth enclosing the letter from Governor Pinkham and the letter from Queen Liliuokalani.

Will you not take early occasion to request Governor Pinkham to express to Queen Liliuokalani my personal appreciation of her generous contributions to the Red Cross?

Cordially and sincerely yours,

[signed] Woodrow Wilson

Hon. Franklin K. Lane,

Secretary of the Interior.

(A letter of appreciation from President Woodrow Wilson to Queen Liliuokalani, for her assistance to the Red Cross.)

[The Queen dies just two months later on November 11th…]

(Kuokoa, 9/28/1917, p. 2)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke LV, Helu 39, Aoao 2. Sepatemaba 28, 1917.

Picture of members of the Red Cross in Waimea, Kauai, 1918.


From the left side, the line in the far back, the names are: Mrs. Otto Lihau, Mrs. S. Keliinoi, (president); Mrs. Au Sing, Mrs. Paahana Kamaile (treasurer); Mrs. Kanani Alakai (Hui Kaahumanu).

Second line: Mrs. Kapa Waiwaiole, Mrs. Poni, Mrs. Hemolele, Mrs. W. C. Crowell, Mrs. Palea, Mrs. Hookano, Mrs. I. Akana, Mrs. D. Kalau, Mrs. P. Meeawa, Mrs. Mary Hoopii, Mrs. Kipa, Mrs. Kapah.

Third line: Miss Victoria Apana, Miss Lily Naea, Miss Helen Alakai, Mrs. William Keliinoi, Miss Violet Lincoln, Mrs. Aloehuwai Hunt, Miss Akana, Mrs. Lucy Wright, Mrs. Alice Ah Hee, Miss Kapu Palea, Miss Rebecca Paahana.

[If the original newspapers were reshot, this picture would surely be much more clear. I hope they are reshot soon.]

(Kuokoa, 6/14/1918, p. 2)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke LVI, Helu 24, Aoao 2. Iune 14, 1918.