Might this be the reason the song “Palisa” was written? 1908.


Messrs. C. G. Bockus, Gerrit Wilder and C. S. Crane, the committee named to select and purchase moving-picture film for the machine shortly to be taken to the Molokai Settlement, watched R. K. Bonine exhibit a mile or so of views and stunts submitted to them for sale. Mr. Bonine had put his machine and his skill at the service of the committee, and the tests of the various films were made in his studio. There were several persons to watch in addition to the committeemen, including Superintendent Jack McVeigh of the Settlement and A. Gartley, and the various pictures were criticized as to their particular merits for the desired use. Continue reading


Death announcements from Kalawao, 1876.


Sept 7 Hinawale (m) ….. 43 years old, Koloa, Kauai.
” 9 Kina (f) ….. 27 Pelekunu, Molokai.
” 13 Kahopeole (f) ….. 43 Maemae, Oahu.
” 23 Wana (f) ….. 50 Moloaa, Kauai.
” 24 Kuahiku (m) ….. 45 Manoa, Oahu.
” 24 Huihui (m) ….. 48 Hamakualoa, Maui.
” 26 John Upa (m) ….. 40 Puueo, Hilo. Continue reading

Death announcements from Kalawao, 1876.

Deaths at Kalawao, Molokai.

[Hardly anything is legible in this article! If there was not also an announcement in the Kuokoa, we would not have this information. Oftentimes information is found in only a single issue of one newspaper. We need to rescan all the illegible pages of newspapers now while we can.]

(Lahui Hawaii, 11/16/1876, p. 2)


Ka Lahui Hawaii, Buke II, Helu 47, Aoao 2. Novemaba 16, 1876.

Death announcements from Kalawao, 1876.

Deaths at Kalawao.

July 12. Kamokukapu (f), 57 years old, Kalilua, Hawaii.
” “. Keliiheleole (f), 11 years old, Kaluaihakoko, Maui.
” 13. Kuneka (m), 52 years old, Puueo, Hilo.
” 14. Pahakula (f), 32 years old, Hakipuu, Oahu.
” 15. Keaahi (m), 31 years old, Waialua, Oahu.
” 16. Kanekapola (f), 54 years old, Laie, Oahu.
” 20. Kauihil [? Kauihii] (f), 31 years old, Kailua, Hawaii.
” 20. Kaluahine (f), 26 years old, Puueo, Hilo.
” 21. Manu (m), 32 years old, Waimanalo, Oahu.
” 22, Mele (f), 30 years old, Honuaula, Maui.
” 23. Enoch Kalauao (m), 28 years old, Honolulu.
” 30. Kuheleiua (m), 45 years old, Honolulu, Oahu.
” 30. Kapahu (m), 35 years old, Halawa, Molokai. Continue reading

Death announcements from Kalawao, 1876.


Feb. 14 Kaweawea (m) of Hilo died.
Feb. 15 Kanaina (m) of Honolulu died.
Feb. 18 Kali (f) of Koloa, Kauai died.
Feb. 19 Kukui (m) of Kona, Hawaii died.
Feb. 24 Kapela (m) of Hanalei, Kauai died.
Feb. 25 Kaleo (m) of North Kona, Hawaii died.
Feb. 26 Mahoe (m) of Honolulu died.
Feb. 27 Kaluaoku (m) of Waianae died.
Feb. 28 Kahoouaunu (m) of Lahaina died.

(Kuokoa, 3/11/1876, p. 3)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XV, Helu 11, Aoao 3. Maraki 11, 1876.