Might this be the reason the song “Palisa” was written? 1908.


Messrs. C. G. Bockus, Gerrit Wilder and C. S. Crane, the committee named to select and purchase moving-picture film for the machine shortly to be taken to the Molokai Settlement, watched R. K. Bonine exhibit a mile or so of views and stunts submitted to them for sale. Mr. Bonine had put his machine and his skill at the service of the committee, and the tests of the various films were made in his studio. There were several persons to watch in addition to the committeemen, including Superintendent Jack McVeigh of the Settlement and A. Gartley, and the various pictures were criticized as to their particular merits for the desired use.

Any pictures of a saddening nature were discarded immediately, the ones approved of and selected being brightly-colored illusion scenes of French origin, a battle scene or two, a gaudy reproduction of a fireworks display, and some travel scenes. One other that pleased the committee showed various scenes from Barnum & Bailey’s circus.

There was one picture shown that is expected to make a big hit at the Settlement. That was “Scenes and People of Ceylon,” and the particular piece that will delight young and old at Kalaupapa shows three monster elephants bathing.

It is expected that Mr. Bonine will leave for the Settlement shortly to set up the machine and give lessons in operating it, he having announced his willingness to devote all the time necessary to seeing that the lepers have everything as up-to-date and in as good running order as is possible.

(PCA, 11/17/1908, p. 4)


The Pacific Commercial Advertiser, Volume XLVIII, Number 8189, Page 4. November 17, 1908.

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