Putting the New Year in Perspective, 1890 / 2023.



Afflicted with the frightful disease
That is hated by the multitudes
Faces turn away when seen
Shame fills the heart.


Happy New Year! Happy New Year!! to you all,
All you friends,
Placed by the government,
On these unfamiliar shores.


I will have aloha
For the days of victory
We will rejoice together
The new year with family


The previous year has gone
With all of its hope
Here we all are
In this new year


Cheer up, cheer up
Don’t agonize and dismay
Remember the Heavenly Father
On this new year day

J. F. Allen,
Kalaupapa, Molokai.

(Kuokoa, 1/11/1890, p. 1)

Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XXIX, Helu 2, Aoao 1. Ianuari 11, 1890.

Taxing those isolated in the leprosy colony, 1875.

The Leprosy Patients are Taxed!

Mr. Editor; Aloha:—

On the 2nd of this December, the Tax Assessor [Luna Auhau] of this island of Molokai came in person to the colony of Kalawao, the place of the castaways who are afflicted with wounds of an incurable sickness, that being leprosy [mai lepera], which is called he Chinese sickness [mai Pake]. Continue reading

A mele by Helina Kaiwaokalani written at the leprosy receiving station in Kalihi, 1891.


Nani wale kuu home ku kilakila
I ka ulu wehiwehi o na pua
Hookahi pua oi ma kuu home
O ka pua melia lei onaona
Onaona na maka o kuu makua
I ka noho i ka malu lau ohai
Eia au la ko lei mamo
Malalo o ka mana o ka Papa Ola
He aloha e ka leo o kuu makua
I ke kaukau mai me ka waimaka
Mehe ‘la a e i mai ana ia’u
He aloha kuu hoapili o ka hale
Kuu hoa i ka hale lana i ke kai
I ke kai malihini o Kawaihae
Kau aku ka manao no Waimea
E ike i ka ua kipuupuu
Alo aku o ke anu a o Mana
E kilohi i ka nani o Maunakea
Ilaila makou i luana ai
Me o’u kupuna a i hala aku
Haina ia mai ana ka puana
He aloha pau ole no kuu home.

Miss Kaiwaokalani.
Kalihi, July 14, 1891. Continue reading

We complain today? Kalaupapa, Waikolu, and Kalawao set aside, 1873.

Official Notifications.

Notice is hereby given, that from and after this date the Lands of Kalaupapa, Waikolu, and Kalauao, on the windward side of the Island of Molokai, set apart by the Board of Health for the isolation of Lepers, are strictly tabu, and all vessels are prohibited from touching or landing at either of them, except by special permission of the Board. Public attention is hereby called to Section 5 (A) of Chapter XXXIII of the Laws of 1870, to wit: Continue reading

Estate of deceased Kalaupapa patients, 1919.


Mr. Solomon Hanohano, Aloha oe:—Please insert in an empty space in the Kuokoa, the announcement of the secretary of the Board of Health [Papa Ola] placed outside of the store of the Board of Health at Kalaupapa, Molokai, pertaining to the people who contracted the ailment that separates families, Continue reading

Olivia K. Nakea performs on KGU, 1930.

Quartet Sings Old Hymns of Hawaii For Leper Colony

A  program of sacred Hawaiian music will be heard through KGU this evening from 6:10 to 6:30. A mixed quartet under direction of Olivia Nakea will present the first of a series of  songs for “shut-ins” throughout the territory. Continue reading

Leprosy patients released, 1920.


Honolulu, July 9, The Board of Health announced the release of 30 leprosy patients from Kalihi, those who were recently treated by the new medicinal oil researched by Professor Dean of the University of Hawaii, and these released patients will return to their homes, and right after being examined by the Board of Medical Examiners [Papa Komisina o na Kauka]. Also announced by the Board of Health that perhaps no more patients will be sent to Kalaupapa in the future if they go to Kalihi at the right time and are treated by this new method. Continue reading