Marriage of Mikala Kamalimali, April 24, 1839.

Puawaina, May 6, 1839.


Hear me, O K. H. [Kumu Hawaii Newspaper]

I am telling you of something that I witnessed.

Mr. Sila* of the United States was married to a woman here in Honolulu; Mikala Kamalimali is the name of his wife, the daughter of Mamala; the 24th of April was when they were married, at the house of Bingham [Binamu], the pastor here in Honolulu.

Furthermore, on the 10th of Dec. 1837, Mr. Sila sailed here and landed in a weakened state, and I found him at the house of Alani; I said to him to come stay with me, and be my Teacher in English. He stayed with me for one year and a half, and he regained his health and strength. And he found a job in his profession, at the printing house of the Missionaries; therefore, he could marry a Hawaiian woman under the Marriage Laws here, and he lived with his wife while teaching her in the propriety and gracious and uprightness of their beings—the man shall not abandon his wife, and so too the wife her husband, until the time one of them dies, then they will be separated.

His wife is perhaps sixteen years old.

By Caesar Kapaakea [Kaisara Kapaakea]

*Does anyone know more about “Mr. Sila” and “Alani”?

(Kumu Hawaii, 5/8/1839, pp. 99–100)

Ke Kumu Hawaii, Buke 4, Pepa 25, Aoao 99–100. Mei 8, 1839.


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