Vital Statistics, 1921.


Peter Apana to Mrs. Abigail Seagers, Dec. 31.
Joseph Roberts, Jr., to Mrs. Amoy Mokuula, Jan. 1.
Henry H. Kaaihue to Mrs. Elizabeth K. Kamahoa, Jan. 3.
Robert A. Farley to Ida Kaina, Jan. 3. Continue reading

Another wedding announcement for Joseph Nawahi and Emma Aima Aii, 1881.

[Found under: “KELA A ME KEIA.”]

As One.—In the peaceful town of the Kanilehua Rain of Hilo, on the pleasant night of Thursday, the 17th past, bound and joined together as one in the holy covenant of marriage, by Father Rev. T. Coan, were the Hon. Joseph Nawahi and Miss Emma A. Aii, two buds of that verdure are they. We received the kind invitation to rejoice together at the occasion, but due to unforeseen circumstances, we could not fulfill that wish. Continue reading

Vital Statistics, 12/3/1920.


James R. Holt to Henrietta D. Dickson, Nov. 23.
Charles S. Pacheco to Hattie Ryan, Nov. 24.
Benjamin K. Kaapuni to Lily Kauau, Nov. 25.
John D. Costa to Margaret Carter, Nov. 26.
Jacob Kapuwai to Mary Hoomanawanui, Nov. 27.
Alexander Ahlo to Irene K. Isaac, Nov. 27.
R. E. Seagers to Angeline Kaku, Nov. 27. Continue reading