Double wedding at the home of Samuel Parker, Minister of Foreign Affairs, 1892.

Double Wedding.

At the hour of 11 in the midday, April 26, at the festooned residence here in Honolulu nei of His Excellency [ka Mea Mahalo ia] Samuel Parker, Minister of Foreign Affairs, joined together by Rev. A. Mackintosh were Charles Maguire and Miss Mary H. Parker, the first born of the Minister, honored by the groomsman and bridesmaid [ku aoao], Palmer Woods and Miss Kamakee Cummins. At the same time and place, by that same pastor, Mr. Robert R. Hind Jr. and Miss Hannah Low were joined together, honored by the groomsman and bridesmaid, William Wright and Miss Hassinger. Amongst those who came to witness this distinguished marriage were the Alii the Queen, His Excellency the Governor A. S. Cleghorn, His Excellency, the Minister and Mrs. S. Parker, the Hon. Major J. W. Robertson, Steward of the Palace, Col. J. Richardson of the personal guards of the Queen and Mrs. Richardson, Hon. and Mrs. W. G. Irwin, Hon. and Mrs. C. O. Berger, Mr. and Mrs. J. Hay Wodehouse Jr., Mr. John Maguire, father of Mr. Charles Maguire, Mrs. J. W. Gay and those very close to the wedded ones.

After the marriage ceremony was over, there were marriage tables laid out, and upon one of the tables of the married couples sat the Alii the Queen, and one another table the other malihini sat. At a separate location was the table of the servants. The health of the young wedded ones were toasted to and prayed for. The Hawaiian Band was there as well and played their instruments.

And at 2 in the afternoon, the both of the newlywed [couples] boarded the Kinau and returned to Kohala, their home from now on, amongst blessings and prayers from their friends and intimates.

[The typesetting boys were sloppy on this page! This article starts on the bottom of the first column (pink), moves on to the top of the third column (pink) and then ends on the top of the second column (pink). They were probably thrown off that both the pink article and the green one mention Samuel Parker.]

(Kuokoa, 4/30/1892, p. 2)

Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XXXI, Helu 18, Aoao 2. Aperila 30, 1892.

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