J. W. H. Isaac Kihe report from Puuanahulu, 1921.


The ever-shining Hoku of beloved Hawaii. The famous Editor and the outstanding skilled metal-type team. Much esteem!

Christmas day has gone with its wondrous nature, and gone too are the first whirling blustery winds of Christmas and the drenching raindrops.

The usual thing for our Employer Hon. Robert Hind and Mrs. Hannah Hind, is to give gifts of clothes for the women and children, and for the men, warm Sweaters, and bags of candy for the little children. A fat pig was the Christmas gift from Hind to the people, and for the Happy New Year. There was great appreciation and thanks; there is no equal in all of Hawaii.


In the morning hours of Christmas day there was a shower that hit, and on the night before and into the morning of Christmas, there was a strong Kona wind, and in the day, the wind calmed down and there was only rain that rushed down; the pigs were baked in the imu in the rain, and when they were cooked, it calmed down and the mist covered over the the mountainous land here in Hilana from one side to the other grew dark. It was calm and the mist that covered over was all that there was for three days, then it totally cleared up and the usual beauty of Hilana returned.

Blessed be the day of the Savior, and the signs of the times of the world.

Yours, my dear Hoku,

Puuanahulu i ka Iuiu, Dec. 31, 1921 [Dec. 31, 1920].

(Hoku o Hawaii, 1/6/1921, p. 3)

Ka Hoku o Hawaii, Buke XIV, Helu 32, Aoao 3. Ianuari 6, 1921.

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