John Kalaukoa and David Kanuha acquitted of treason, 1895.



John Kalaukoa and D. Kanuha—Cases Against them and Defense Presented.

John Kalaukoa and D. Kanuha, charged with treason and open rebellion, have been acquitted. They have been released from custody by order of the Military Commission.

Kalaukoa was accused of being one of the Koolau rebels. He started over the pali with a party for Diamond Head. They were turned back in Nuuanu valley and instructed to carry food around to rebels at Waialae. At this juncture Kalaukoa called it quits. He was arrested at his home near Kailua. Kalaukoa claimed that he was called from  his bed at night and induced to move without knowing the purpose.

D. Kanuha is tailor and instructor of tailoring at Kamehameha schools. The testimony against him was that he criticised the Republic and hoped for a change. On Sunday evening, the 6th, he drove to Kaala with John Wise, who took out some arms. Wise testified that in his belief Kanuha did not know there were rifles in the rig. One witness swore that Kanuha helped unload the guns. This testimony was not corroborated. The defendant made a denial of revolutionary intent or action and Professor Richards and others give him a fine character.

D. Kanuha was a protege of General Armstrong of Hampton and was educated in the United States.

There has been no order from headquarters relating to the acquittal. The Star gives the public the first news of it. There was much interest in these cases. Both men had counsel, and witnesses for the State were cross-examined at great length.

(Hawaiian Star, 1/29/1895, p. 3)


The Hawaiian Star, Volume III, Number 567, Page 3. January 29, 1895.

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