More results of July 4, 1894.


We are publishing Article 101 of the Constitution of the Republic of Hawaii, so that the Lahui may understand it, and so that the Jurors for the upcoming August Session see it, that being this:

Article 101:—No person shall be eligible to be an Officer, Senator or Representative under the Republic, or an Elector of Senators or Representatives, or a Juror, until he shall have taken and subscribed the following oath or affirmation, viz: Continue reading


Maintain the peace, 1894.

July 4.


Announcement of the Hawaiian Patriotic League.

Keep the Peace.

I have been ordered by the Executive Committee [Aha Hooko] of the Central Hawaiian Patriotic League of Honolulu, to instruct all of the Leaders and the members of the Ahahui Aloha Aina across the Archipelago, being that it is known that on the 4th of July, 1894, on that day, the Provisional Government will proclaim a new Constitution, and the Republic of Hawaii, and at that time, or perhaps before that time, perhaps Martial Law [Kanawai Koa] will be proclaimed.

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