La Hoihoi Ea committees, 1865.

Restoration Day.

Here below are the names and the types of the Standing Committees [Komite mau] selected by the meeting for the commemoration of Restoration Day at Kawaiahao, in the evening of the 3rd of this month. And it will be these Committees that will fulfill the duties described for each Committee.

Committee for food.—His Royal Highness M. Kekuanaoa, E. H. Boyd (Ailuene), W. Pinehasa Wood, J. H. Kahai, J. Maluaikoo.

Committee for the Lanai and decorations.—His Royal Highness M. Kekuanaoa, J. H. Brown, D. Lima, W. L. Moehonua, P. Naone.

Committee to Think about the Speeches.—Hon. C. C. Harris, E. H. Boyd, Hon. W. P. Kamakau, W. Pinehasa Wood, J. H. Kahai.

Committee for the gun salute.—His Royal Highness M. Kekuanaoa, Maj. W. L. Moehonua.

Committee for the Band and Singing.—Hon. D. Kalakaua, W. N. Pualewa, S. W. Mahelona, J. K. Kaunamano,, J. W. Pauli.

Committee to Direct the malihini at the Banquet & haole dancing in the night.—W. P. Ragsdale (Bila), J. Komo, W. Pinehasa Wood.

Committee for the Fireworks.—F. H. Harris, H. Thompson, W. Pinehasa Wood.

Committee for the Funds.—Hon. W. P. Kamakau, Maj. W. L. Moehonua, E. H. Boyd.

Committee to Print Flags.—W. P. Ragsdale (Bila), E. H. Boyd (Ailuene), W. Pinehasa Wood.

A Banquet in the day, and a dance of the European style in the night.

W. P. Ragsdale (Bila),
Secretary of the Committee,
Mokuaikaua, Honolulu, July 12, 1865.

(Kuokoa, 7/13/1865, p. 2)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke IV, Helu 28, Aoao 2. Iulai 13, 1865.


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