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Kamaiko Heiau story in the PCA, 1908.


A. Gartley and C. H. Cooke Find Many Skulls and Skeletons at the Kamaiko Heiau in Kona, All in Good Preservation.

A Gartley and C. H. Cooke made a most interesting discovery in connection with the Kamaiko heiau of the district of Keei, in South Kona, on their recent visit to the Big Island. Continue reading


Iwi in Kamaiko Heiau, 1908.


At Keei, Kona, Found were Many Human Skulls and Bones.

Upon the return of Mr. A. Gartley and C. H. Cook from their excursion to South Kona, Hawaii, they said that when they went to look at Kamaiko Heiau at Keei, they found many human bones in the heiau.

It is conjectured that the reason there are many human skulls and their bones there is because their lives were sacrificed in this heiau when the kapu system [ka noho ame ka ai kapu ana] was abolished. Continue reading

The discovered kii and A. L. Atkinson, 1899.


A Valuable Idol Recently Discovered in an Ewa Rice Field.

Mr. A. L. Atkinson is now the owner of a valuable Hawaiian relic. In digging in one of the rice fields several days ago in the Ewa district of this Island, an idol was discovered buried in the mud. A picture of it is given above in three phases—the front, the side and the back. It stands a little over five feet high, and is not like any other idol known. Continue reading

Expulsion from Ahuimanu College, 1876.

[Found under: “Nu Hou Kuloko.”]

Ahuimanu College—Published in our paper last week was a letter written by some of the boys of that school, pertaining to the boarding, the education, and the work at that school. This week, we report that the tree and the fruit was seen. The words in the paper were taken to each student, and they were asked, “Are the words in our newspaper true?” Those who said yes were expelled, Continue reading