Wind and Rain and Lighting, oh my, 1863.

Wind and Rain.

O Kuokoa Newspaper: Aloha oe:

On the 13th of Dec. and that night, a very strong wind appeared, along with rain, here in the town of Lahaina. When it came, we were sleeping in our beds, and I was startled by the great roaring of the wind shaking up the whole house. I heard the voice of my sister call out, “It’s a huge wind! It’s a huge wind!!” The buffeting winds passed and following it came heavy showers and Lightning flashing in the west.

The strong winds which appeared here in Lahaina blew against the houses but did not blow any of them down. There were however three ships in the harbor of Lahaina that night: the double-masted Emma Rooke; the Molokai, the double-masted ship of Kamaipelekane; and the Luiki, a single-masted ship. The double-masted Molokai was the ship that was dragged ashore at Puupiha and which broke up into pieces. The wind did not blow very long that night and it abated as night became day.  In the morning, I sailed aboard the single-masted ship to go sell awa; the strong winds reappeared and the anchor of the ship was pulled up. The captain made quick to sail. The double-masted Emma Rooke remained, but because of the terribly strong winds, it weighed anchor and made quick to lie off outside. Aloha by-and-by.

D. W. Kalaeloa.

Lahaina, December 17, 1863.

(Kuokoa, 12/26/1863, p. 3)

Makani ame ka Ua.

Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke II, Helu 52, Aoao 3. Dekemaba 26, 1863.

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