5 thoughts on “More about the Aloha Aina picture, 1906.

  1. aloha mai kaua;

    I am a great grand niece of Aima Nawahi and Edward Like and wanted to know on what street in Hilo and address for KE ALOHA ʻĀINA nūpepa, and if that building still exists!
    nui ka mahalo,
    Meleanna Aluli Meyer


  2. In 1906 however, about the time of this picture, the business office is described as on King Street, Leleo, Number 370. Near the Train Terminal. Mail Box 513.


  3. Ive ALWAYS believed, known and advocated that the reason the Kue petitions succeeded is due not to the romanticized fetish that only the elder and high class women belonging to the Hui Aloha Aina walked “door to door” getting every single signature.
    Obtaining 90% of the support of Hawaii’s first peoples is due directly to the Hui’s ORIGINAL and AUTHENTIC constitution naming political autonomy and procurement and maintenance of civil rights for ALL MULTIETHNIC Hawaii Nationals as the founding Hui’s SOLE objects, but more importantly the constitutional requirements of its structure, namely requiring the people to nominate candidates and elect officers in all Kingdom island districts representing EVERY SINGLE DISTRICT IN 1897 as District boards, and then having each District board nominate one representative on the Executive board which oversaw all National concerns and administered/managed the district committees and their district concerns.
    The Petition Committee was created and its seats were nominated by the Executive Committee.
    The Petition Committee officers went separately to meet each District Committee to educate that districts officers as to the who, what, when, where and why of signing the Kue Petition.
    They left thousands of blank copies with each District Committee member and gave them a pickup deadline of about 5 days.
    That was when the Petition Committee officer would return from visiting and educating District Board Officers in other districts to pick up the signed petitions.
    The Hui did not just forward the Kue petitions.
    They acted as a government body by managing and utilizing the comprehensive and democratically representative District Boards and the National Executive Board so that in times of great need, disaster or sickness they procured and distributed resources so efficiently that their contributions far exceeded the abilities of the Hawaiian Kingdom, “Provisional Government,” “Republic,” “Territory” and fraudulently erected “State” of Hawaii as well as the U.S. Federal Government, Military and its charitable NGOs.
    No other group has ever succeeded in unifying the Hawaiian people under one manao and puuwai since the ORIGINAL HUI Aloha Aina governed by its FOUNDING constitution.
    No other group has succeeded in rebuking two attempted treaties of annexation.
    This victory of the Hui secured almost every single right First Nation Peoples of Hawaii and all multi-ethnic Hawaii Nationals enjoy today from DHHL, OHA, water rights, kuleana land title, to self-determination and much more.
    Are we all paying attention?
    Why reinvent the wheel when all the other groups have NEVER achieved such success for our people for all generations?
    The Ka Hui Hawaii Aloha Aina (a.k.a. The Hui Aloha Aina or Hawaiian Patriotic League) is THE INCOMPARABLE governing entity, governing constitution and governing structure that we should look at and not discard.
    We should be making all efforts possible to erect this just, representative and democratic system for the people by the people.
    Our kupuna gave us the blueprint and plans WHY AREN’T WE EXECUTING THESE PLANS???


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