Sumo in Hawaii, 1914.

Famous Japanese Wrestler Arrives.

The Japanese of Honolulu are lately planning to welcome the famous Japanese wrestler named Tachiyama.

He is the wrestling champion in Japan, and famous because the other wrestlers can’t topple him, according to the rules of that sport.

This Japanese and his fellow wrestlers are on their tour around the world, staying at each place they will visit, and while he is here in town, the Japanese here who are skilled in that sport will try to face him, and so too other famous contestants here of other ethnicities.

According to the Japanese who have seen him and are familiar with this famed wrestler, the people here will be astounded when they see him, when this Japanese enters into the wrestling ring.

(Kuokoa, 7/10/1914, p. 5)


Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke LII, Helu 28, Aoao 5, Iulai 10, 1914.

2 thoughts on “Sumo in Hawaii, 1914.

  1. The Bishop Museum is busy setting up a new exhibit they are calling: “Tradition and Transition: Stories of Hawai‘i Immigrants.” It is slated to begin on November 11.
    I came across this article today and thought that it fit in nicely. And i cannot vouch for the accuracy of this information, but here is a page on Tachiyama, which includes a picture.

  2. And about 50 years after this article was published, Jesse Kuhaulua would enter the sumo world in Japan, to eventually become a national champion there.

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