J. K. Mokumaia and Keoni Paakaula, 1927.

One of the reasons i posted the return of the ahuula article is because it reminded me of another post just put up—Moanalua, then and now. 1922.

In the image of the Palace Guards from the day of the return of the feather cape, you can see J. K. Mokumaia in the middle of the front row, and John Paakaula, far right on the back row.

I am wondering if this is the same Keoni Paakaula, the kumu hula of Moanalua. He would in theory be 107 years old in this picture.

[It is always important to look up name variants when you are searching for people (and even places). Biblical names in Hawaiian also appear in English, like “Keoni” and “John”. Also, Biblical names are sometimes abbreviated, like “Jas.” for “James”… It would be very helpful if there was a list of names and their variants up online.]

1 thought on “J. K. Mokumaia and Keoni Paakaula, 1927.

  1. Aloha, I am wondering if the John Paakaula or Keoni Paakaula is the same person from the Moanalua Ahupua’a, married to Mary Kalua and parents to Moses Kaliula Paakaula of Moanalua. This ohana lived on Mokuoeo Island aka: Damon Island in the Sand Island area, which I believe is part of the Moanalua Ahupua’a. Some of the ohana said his name is Ioane or Iowane, not sure which is the correct spelling.


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