Marriage information found outside of the Vital Statistics column, 1898.


Up in the valley of Pauoa, on this past Thursday, May 26, at 2 in the afternoon, a great party was given at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Mano, to celebrate the binding tightly with the gold cord of holy matrimony, some youths. There were two secure unions that happened at the same time, but there were perhaps just a few minutes separating one from the other.

The youths to whom belonged the honor of the day were Mr. Kamaka Kaoheloahi and Miss Annie Aarona, both of Honolulu; they were the couple married first. The second following them were Mr. Henry Rogers of Honolulu and Hattie Kealoha of Kauai. It was 2 p. m. exactly when those invited began to dine. Marriage is a good thing for all people.

(Aloha Aina, 5/28/1898, p. 5)


Ke Aloha Aina, Buke IV, Helu 22, Aoao 5. Mei 28, 1898.

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