James Auld’s wife, Uwinihepa dies. 1876.

Grief-Ridden Death.

With regret, grief, pain and sorrow, we announce the sad news whose heavy burden has fallen upon us to tell the relatives, intimates, friends, and the masses, about the passing and the going alone from the field of suffering of this life [hele kohana aku la ma kela paia o na inea o keia ola ana ?], on the morning of this past Tuesday, the 6th of June, at her home on the corner of Beritania Street and Queen Emma Street, of Mrs. Uwinihepa Auld; the wife and companion in the hot distant days, and the cold misty nights of this royal town, of our good friend stricken by grief, and a fellow Printer, and one who has shared in the toils of other endeavors, that being Mr. James Auld.

Mrs. U. Auld was born within the limits of this royal town on the 16th of November 1842 and she lived peacefully and comfortably, and she passed at 34 years and a few months. She left behind a husband with a heavy responsibility of three children, the offspring of their loins which she left behind, as well as many friends. Yesterday afternoon, there was a funeral procession where she was accompanied on a bier to where she was laid to rest as spoken of earlier [although it seems that they do not mention the graveyard], and “dust shalt return to dust.”—(Rest in Peace.)

[This is why i knew “Uwini” in the previous marriage announcement article was an abbreviation for “Uwinihepa”.]

(Lahui Hawaii, 6/8/1876, p. 3)

Make i Walohia.

Ka Lahui Hawaii, Buke II, Helu 24, Aoao 3. Iune 8, 1876.

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