Arbor Day, 1916.


To supply the public with small trees to plant at their own places, all of these various plants seen below will be given to anyone who places a request at arboretums like those shown hereafter.

This year, the 17th of the coming November is Arbor Day [ka la Kanu Laau]; this day is important for schools, for plants will be planted everywhere, and celebrations will be held on that day.

The types of trees to be divided among all those who want it, are here named below:

Golden Shower, Pink Shower, Pink and White Shower, Royal Poinciana, Yellow Poinciana, Jacaranda, Pepper Tree, African Tulip Tree, St. Thomas Tree, Texas Umbrella, Ear Pod Tree, Silk Oak, Ironwood, Japan Cedar (Sugi), Blue Gum, Lemon Gum, Swamp Mahogany, Cassia Fistula, Cassia Grandis, Cassia Nodosa, Poinciana Regia, Peltophorum Ferruginem, Jacaranda Mimosaefolia, Schinus Molle, Spathodea Companulata, Cauhinia Tomentosa, Molia Azedarach, Enterolobium Cyclocarpum, Grevillea Robusta, Casuarina Equisetifolia, Cryptomeria Japonica, Eucalyptus Globus, Eucalyptus Citrodora, Eucalyptus Robusta.

Each person who requests may have 24 trees without paying a cent. In Hilo, Hawaii, is a greenhouse under the care of Brother Mattias Newell, and at the Homestead, Kauai, there is one under the care of Mr. Walter McBryde.

Those living in the vicinity of the places mentioned above should put in their orders with the gentlemen named above at their residences.

For those who want plants from government arboretums in Honolulu, and to have them shipped over the inter-island steamships, they must put in their orders in proper time, no later than the 6th of November. For the people who live in Honolulu, or anywhere on Oahu, they should put in their orders by the 11th of November.

The trees ordered by a person and not picked up in good time, will be returned to the arboretums, on the 25th of November.

[Check out what is going on today across Hawaii nei on the Arbor Day Hawaii page.]

(Kuokoa, 10/27/1916, p. 5)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke LIV, Helu 43, Aoao 5. Okatoba 27, 1916.


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