Things you can find on an internet search: Puheemiki and weather studies, 2011.

I did a search on William Puheemiki, Jr. on the internet, and one of the hits was this “JIMAR/Kawaihuelani Collaborative Research Project Weather-related articles from the Hawaiian Language Newspapers, 1834–1948”. It seems to be an  index of Hawaiian-Language Newspaper articles dealing with weather phenomena. There are 4,050 articles listed, but there doesn’t seem to be any logical parameters—there are even pages of newspaper where one article on weather is listed but another is not. I also can’t find any public followup to this database, like any translations or resulting studies.

Hopefully the 15,500 newspaper pages transcribed by the 6,500 volunteers for the Ike Kuokoa project last summer (2012) are put up online soon, so that more information on weather or any other subject can be more easily found!

Would anyone have any new information on either?

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