Oiaio and Leo o ka Lahui resume printing, 1895.

In accordance with the kindness of the Marshal, H. R. Hitchcock, we were allowed to resume printing of our newspapers, “Ka Leo o ka Lahui” and “Ka Oiaio.” Being that the nation is under military law, we understand that it is important to publish all newspapers with care, and to discard all vociferous and anti-government matter, and to bring back peace into this archipelago. It is a great thing that we again have opportunity to meet with our friends and readers of Ka Leo o ka Lahui and Ka Oiaio after the publishing of our newspapers was restricted, as a result of the government recognizing that it was proper that the newspapers that answer back to the government be halted at times when riots or civil war occur in the land. We therefore will proceed with care in all things; to consider, to share, and to weigh the proper actions to make living pleasant and to benefit the life of the many different peoples of Hawaii nei.

It is our hope that it will be but a few days before living in harmony will once again burst forth with civility, and we disseminate Ka Leo o ka Lahui and “Ka Oiaio” before our friends with trusting that they will be welcomed with the continued enthusiasm it received from long before.

[The marshal mentioned is probably Edward Griffin Hitchcock.]

(Oiaio, 3/15/1895, p. 2)

Mamuli o ka oluolu...

Ka Oiaio, Buke VII, Helu 2, Aoao 2. Maraki 15, 1895.

2 thoughts on “Oiaio and Leo o ka Lahui resume printing, 1895.

  1. Utterly amazing. This is exactly the passage that we just put into the Viewer’s Guide for Trial of the Queen, with a translation and commentary by Leilani Basham. This will be distributed at the performances over the next two weeks.

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