Z. P. Kalokuokamaile’s genealogy, 1931.


I am Z. P. Kalokuokamaile, living in Napoopoo, South Kona, Hawaii. I am 82 years old.

My ancestors were born in the Ahupuaa of Kiloa II, and Waipunaula, Napoopoo, South Kona. During the time when Kamehameha I ruled. This is the story of my ancestors until me, their descendant.

Namoku (m) dwelt with Hoopuleolani (f)

Born was Kawahapaka (m)

Born was Kauaula (f)

Born was Keoholau (m)

Kawahapaka (m) dwelt with Makuakane (f). There were no children.

Kauaula (f) dwelt with Nuuanu (m).

Born was Kalama (f)

Born was Keoni I (m)

Born was Kaaihue (f)

Born was Keahi (m)

Kalama (f) dwelt with Rev. S. W. Papaula (m)

Born was Lydia (Lilia) (f)

Born was (Koa (m)

Born was Huleka (f)

Keoholau (m) dwelt with Kapuleiolaa (f)

Born was Kawahanoeau (f)

Kawahanoeau (f) dwelt with Nailihaulani (m)

Born was Z. P. Kalokuokamaile (m).

In these Ahupuaa my ancestors lived without moving and going here and there until they all left for the other world. And during the time when my kupuna and the family of the wife of Creston Cummins, the owner of the Ahupuaa, Kiloa I, Kiloa II, and the Waipunaula. And in 1901, I bought the ownership of these Ahupuaa from Mrs. Kamai Nahina.

I built the Salmon store, while going to Honolulu to purchase pounds and barrels of salmon, and began to sell it with much success. And then the time came when government workers arrived and demolished the grounds surrounding my store; destroyed was my sweet potato, sugarcane, bananas, pumpkin, along with my store; the loss was $250, and until this day I have not been paid a cent.

But the Math book clarifies: If the one that comes ahead is bad, then the one to follow will be bad as well, and it will not have a long life in this world. However, if the one that comes ahead is good, its follower will indeed be good. Long will be its days.¹

Me with aloha, to the Editor of Ke Alakai o Hawaii.


¹I don’t know what book this refers to, and i am not clear on what the excerpt means or how it applies here.

(Alakai o Hawaii, 11/19/1931, p. 4)


Ke Alakai o Hawaii, Buke 3, Helu 29, Aoao 4. Novemaba 19, 1931.

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