Aperila Fulu! 1902.

Pertaining to the First Day of Aperila


The first day of April is a day of mischief for the haole; a day to lie back and forth in jest, a day to shock, and a day when everyone devises ways to deceive or to leave you dumbfounded. In Honolulu you can see the joyful celebration of this day.

In the morning, some people who remembered to cause mischief woke up early and shouted, “The house is on fire.” When those who were living with him heard this, and who forgot that this was the first of April, they got up and grabbed their fine clothes and ran out to escape from the disaster. When they got outside, they asked at once where the fire was, and the answer they received was, “April fool to you.”

And that’s not all, but when you walk on the road, the people are always fooled by the little kids selling newspaper. When they say that it is six Advertisers for a nickel, some are quick to pull out their nickel, and when they look back the child has run away saying, “Aperila fulu ia oe.” And also, you will be asked, “What is that on your back,” and when you turn around there will be laughter, and what will be said to you is, “Aperila fulu ia oe.”

At the candy stores, there are a lot of sales of candy with pepper inside. When buying these candy, other candy is bought as well, so that they one wanting to play mischief can eat it without a problem, and when his friends see him eating the candy, they will ask for some, and when he gives them some, he will give them the pepper candy. When they eat it they will feel the heat and the candy will come flying out. When you look at the friend who gave the candy, he will be laughing, and you will remember that it is April fool.

The mischief does not only happen on the streets, but it reaches into the homes. When the children wake in the morning, should they remember that it is April fool, they go quickly to their father and say that their mother wants him to go to the kitchen to see him, but when he gets there, the mother isn’t there, and he realizes that it is April fool. This also is true at the workplace, where some play mischief on others, and those who forget will always get deceived. It is so funny.

(Kuokoa, 4/4/1902, p. 2)

No ka La mua o ka Mahina o Aperila

Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XL, Helu 14, Aoao 2. Aperila 4, 1902.

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