3 years… 2014.

It has been three years since the first post on this blog. I never imagined that I would be still on here after three years…  Has anyone made any connections as a result of one of these posts? Have you had any eureka moments?

In the online stats, I see hits from all over the world, but I am assuming that most are just bots. Is anyone outside of Hawaii nei really reading this blog?

And lastly for now, do you have any comments/suggestions?

12 thoughts on “3 years… 2014.

  1. Mahalo nui loa for your fine work and efforts in sharing the wonderful histories of Hawaii – Much aloha nui! Doreen Lindsey Hobdy, Koakomo, Maui.

  2. I have been a regular reader (through the e-mail updates — so we know that’s working! :-) ) Yes, I have made contacts with a number of people involved in restoring Hawaiian history from the perspective of Hawaiian language newspapers. I am often inspired to do my own research after reading one of these posts. It’s a great site and I always enjoy reading it!
    –Bob Robertson, Kailua-Kona

  3. Even if I don’t always use the information, it’s all fascinatingly wonderful to have in order to continue to learn and appreciate Hawaii’s history. We are thankful for the information now, think how thankful future generations will be! Mahalo nui loa for your time and expertise.

  4. Congratulations and sincere appreciation for three successful years. In addition to directly enjoying the continual prodding of my brain with random data bits from the past, I appreciate that this singular effort continually fuels awareness, interest and enthusiasm about the historical resources throughout a broad, highly diverse spectrum of the local and distant populace. The layout is user friendly, the content is always interesting and the translation is trustworthy, especially with the originals right at hand. Mahalo a nui.

  5. From Day 1 this has been an important, accessible source – and endeavor. Thank you for your commitment to integrity and your perseverance. We need this and are grateful for this labor of love.

  6. I absolutely enjoy this site. I use the articles along side some of my research and interest to teach my classes. We are so thankful for the trustworthy translations, too. Mahalo nui for sharing and making this accessible to everyone.

  7. I’d like to second what’s already been said. To answer your question about “contacts”, I don’t think of it so much as contacts with other people in the present–though there’s some of that–so much as contacts with the people, issues, and events of the past. Every one of your postings is like having a piece of Hawaiian history delivered to the front door. And the pieces on particular subjects add up so that every category becomes a real resource. It’s very precious, and it would be hard to thank you enough for your generosity.

    • PS: I should have said that I’m in Oregon, so the answer to one of your other questions about whether anyone outside Hawaii reads this is Yes. I think you have some other followers here too. Another mahalo.

  8. Thank you, Mahalo, and many other similar words. I’ve enjoyed reading what you put on, and have looked for family names in the articles. Thank you again for bringing the past to us.

  9. Mahalo, On the death of Beniamina Poepoe… there were several eureka moments. I am JMP’s great great grandson. This plugged some pukas in our mo’okuauhau.
    Aloha, Kaleionamokuokalani

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