Tameamea… 1838.


That is the name of the great Alii of Hawaii nei. This name is known by the kanaka maoli, however it is something that is misconstrued in the spelling of the haole; some people and others write it strangely in their documents. Here is how ten haole wrote it, each are different. They are all old people. These are extracted from various foreign documents.

1. Tameamea

2. MaihaMaiha

3. Cameamea

4. Comaamaa

5. Tomyhomuhaw

6. Tamaahmaah

7. Hameamea

8. Tomooma

9. Tamahama

10. Tameahmeha.

(Kumu Hawaii, 9/12/1839, p. 31)


Ke Kumu Hawaii, Buke 4, Pepa 8, Aoao 31. Sepatemaba 12, 1838.

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